Cary, IL

iO Chicago

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Born in Colorado & reared in northern Illinois, Karisa has always been
spunky & had a severe case of joie-de-vivre. From her first role in
kindergarten as the Old Lady in the musical Stone Soup ("What kind of
soup?!") until now, she has loved bringing stories to life more than anything
else. After graduating from Dartmouth with a double major in Spanish
Literature & Theater, Karisa moved to NYC to further her acting training.
While in New York, she realized her profound love for making people laugh,
so she headed back to the Midwest & the mecca of comedy so she could
learn to make peoplelaugh better. Her Chicago experience includes an
iO Harold team, teams at both The Playground & CIC, as well as multiple
original shows and musicals at The Annoyance Theater. Most recent credits
include the original musical Flames & Blazes at the Annoyance.

She is represented by Gray Talent.