Peter Robards

IT Professional - Entertainer - Filmmaker - Writer

IT Professional

Peter Robards is an IT Professional with experience in Systems Administration, Networking, Automation, Virtualization, and Web Design/Development. Peter holds a Master of Science in Computer Science with a focus on cybersecurity from the University of Louisville, J.B. Speed School of Engineering, along with an additional graduate certificate in Network and Information Security. As part of his studies he’s been trained in: IT Security, Computer Forensics, Data Mining, Network Security, Relational Databases, and Web Application Design/Development.

Peter is an expert at creating customized Information and Technology solutions for a wide range of clients and their unique business needs. He offers a variety of technical services including, but not limited to: Systems/Network Administration, Automation (utilizing tools such as Ansible and Python), Virtualization, Cloud-based (IaaS and SaaS) solutions, and expert level - bespoke - information and technology related support services. Reach out to Peter today so that you may discuss how he can help you and your business.


Peter is a professional entertainer specializing in improvisation. A graduate of both the Annoyance and iO training centers in Chicago, IL, Peter has also studied at the UCB Theater in New York. Peter has toured with various groups to over two dozen nationally recognized comedy festivals and has performed in Alaska, California, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Hawaii, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, Wisconsin, and Canada. In addition to improvisation, Peter is a trained actor and has performed in a number of short films and theatrical productions.

Peter is a former Resident Artist at the Chemically Imbalanced Comedy Theater in Chicago, where he performed in numerous productions and was a member of the long running house team: Counter-Productive Lover. Peter has also been a regular performer at both The Playground Theater and The Annoyance Theater in Chicago. Peter also is an experienced Director, Producer, and Teacher who has lead workshops and helped create numerous shows all over North America. Peter currently offers several workshops that can all be custom tailored to fit your specific organization's needs.


Peter is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis where he obtained a BA in Film & Media Studies. Peter previously served as the Director of Video production at The Annoyance Theater and is an experienced film editor and producer. Peter has helped produce numerous short films, including the award winning Bread and Butter (IMDB link), and specializes in creating original digital content for online distribution.




Peter is a writer focusing primarily on comedic pieces for both live performance and on-line production.

Peter has helped create original shows that have appeared at theaters all over Chicago, including: The Annoyance Theater, CIC Theater, The Playground Theater, and The Second City.

Peter also specializes in writing creative, engaging, and funny content for clients all over the web.